Alchemy 1 - Yuko Ishii Mixed Media Photography

alchemy series I

   Artist Statement:  

My new body of work has evolved in myriad ways. 
By creating layers of imagery, calligraphy, and narratives, each completed work 
follows the elusive mysteries. The depth and textures mirror the influence of 
the elements, and are born in part out of my exaltation in unexpected happenings.
I have become more obsessed with found objects such as bottles, 
junk metals, and antique drawer pulls - combining them with 
handmade papers and organic materials
. I also create rich textures by 
mixing ash, sand, soil, grass, and flowers with acrylic paint. 

I wish my art to lead the viewer to an extraordinary 
and unexpected journey of encounter and work is meant to 
come to life not only in my mind, but also in the viewer's mind. 
With interaction it begins to develop gradually and express many different 
narratives to the viewer's imagination.

I approach both my life and my art committed to the mystical 
belief while entering a totally different dimension of reality, 
and expand my intuition to understand 
the hidden meanings of being and of life.


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visionary (mandala) catalyst



healing tower secret writing 1



dream bird (cathedral) see healing bottle (sign of blessing) revelation 2 message MMA



book of the tree sleeping seed entrance



song of a muse dream horse Sympathy 1 Coincidence 1 empathy - mixed media assemblage




alchemy 2alchemy 2



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