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Birds have much to teach me with their boundless wisdom, 
and lead me to the
entrance of the invisible temple. 
Each new birth and death of my soul is found 
in the meditation of ecstasy as my third eye wakes up slowly. 
Birds can remain open to what emerges from the shadows in the majestic woods. They know the language of desire 
for sacred oneness. They tell me to accept all the pain, 
and I let myself be transformed with the fires of creation.

When the alchemy happens I deepen my access to 
the power of healing and self-renewal. 
Birds allow me to be and to be free. All that I need, 
all that I seek, all that I hope and long for 
is submerged beneath waves of new love 
by the ambient magick of my birds.

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mixed media I

mixed media II


mixed media III
coming soon!

mixed media IV
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fine arttransformation - pigment ink print 1


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