Artist Statement
        I wasn't very interested in photography before 
        I moved to this place. It seemed anybody with 
        a camera could be a photographer, and actually 
        it was very easy to take snapshots. But I always 
        wanted to make art, and I was looking for a 
        sensuous way to express myself as an artist. I've 
        been working on poetry for many years. Poetry 
        thrills me in its elusive ambience and helps me to 
        let my spirit be free, but I oftentimes felt that it 
        was not strong enough to translate all my visible 
        world into words - there are things that can't be 
        said with words. Photography satisfies me with 
        color, space, movement, textures in the image. 
        The good thing about photography is that it can 
        show things directly.
        As a wildlife photographer, I am so fortunate that 
        I live in the foothills of Washington's North 
        Cascade  Mountains at an elevation of 3300 feet. 
        I have various kinds of wildlife here all the year 
        round, so I started photographing them naturally. 
        When I photograph I like going out with a kind of
        subconscious intuition - feeling and breathing
        in the animal's world. I always try to get close to 
        my subjects as much as I can, because I want them 
        to know my presence and I want to see eye to eye 
        with them first. I believe the more I respect them, 
        the more I succeed in making intimate and unique
        photographs. So I learn about animals within their
        natural environment as well as learning 
        photography. I really enjoy my work and I feel 
        day by day I become one with this great nature.



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