bird portrait series 
 ~ soulbird ~

I was born and grew up in the metropolis of Tokyo, Japan. 
In 2001 I immigrated to the U.S., and started leading a 
secluded life in the mountains. I immediately found myself 
fascinated by photographing birds, and I began my career as 
a self-taught mixed media photographer in 2003. Since then 
I have been working as a full-time artist.

 The 2007 series entitled Soulbird began by documenting 
the diversity of the expressions of birds in nature to capture 
the beauty, vibrancy and sensibility that I encounter in my 
everyday life on the 40 acres where I live. It is a very exciting experience to observe them closely and it is almost inexplicable 
to share my feelings with them through my camera.

In addition, this is a project of communing with birds to 
understand their habits and habitat to support bird 
conservation. In today’s world, species mostly become 
extinct or are threatened with extinction due to humans – deforestation is one of the main causes. I have been 
witnessing a decline of some species in the last nine years. 
Through this project, I wish to create awareness in the 
viewer that we are losing so many vulnerable creatures 
every single day. I also wish to remind myself of Shinto 
which is the indigenous faith and spirituality of the 
Japanese people. It says every natural object and creature 
has a spirit and soul, so we have to take care of them as we 
do of ourselves. To examine my own identity through 
the Japanese title of each portrait written in calligraphy 
also helps me reconnect with my Asian heritage, and 
continue the creative journey of discovering myself.

 I manipulate each image by layering multiple textures 
and colors in my computer,
then I highlight with color 
, which enhances the feeling and 
character of each species. I also meticulously coat each 
print with wax which gives the image depth and a 
unique translucent texture. Each piece 
evokes a poetic and mysterious sense of nature.

* (I also create the limited edition prints
without my Japanese calligraphy)

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mixed media I

mixed media II


mixed media III

bird portrait 2

mixed media IV


mixed media V

bird portrait series IV

mixed media VI


fine artbird portrait 1

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