Goddess Main - Yuko Ishii Mixed Media Photography  

  goddess series 
~ ecstatic symbols of the creative deity ~

e fragmentary figures of goddesses engage
my attention: to contemplate her often leads
me away from reality into fantasies of the past
and future. When I hear her subtle nocturnal voices
within me, my most secret thoughts and desires are 
revealed by the peculiarly fascinating forces of
her psyche - one of them represents
 the unique blend of masculine and feminine 
qualities. The path to human wholeness 
and spirituality transcends gender.

The imperceptible inner experiences based on 
archaic creative-forms are initiation ceremonies 
into the underworld realm of feeling. I wish to 
express my pure urge through the soul-deepening 
adventure. At the same time, I feel it is almost 
impossible to convey the beauty and intensity 
of deities. Therefore, all what I create is a 
sensuous idea that comes from the source 
of my personal mythology.

Vision piles on vision, 
coincidence on coincidence, it all 
becomes inevitable in the end. 


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pigment ink print I

pigment ink print II


goddess pigment ink print 3

pigment ink print III

goddess pigment ink print 4

pigment ink print IV

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