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healing bottle series 
~ a symbolic form of relaxation ~

Art is an integral and powerful part of my life.

I have been experiencing a healing force, 
that emerges during the creative process of art. 
Creativity stirs emotions, perceptions, and pure 
consciousness - it helps me go deeper and deeper 
within myself to find my true voices. I think 
that is the key to be healed naturally and spiritually.
Through this series, I would like to share 
my healing process that reflects harmony 
with nature and the universe.

I hope the bottles of healing bring a creative 
and peaceful mind to you...

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healing bottle page 1

mixed media assemblage

(pigment ink print in painted 
bottle with jute twine & 
metal/wooden ball top: 
H 5-1/2" X W 3-1/2" X D 1-3/8")


fine art
healing bottle 1


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